Thanks to the broad scope of Yad Sarah’s activities and services, and the compassion and caring of its large volunteer corps, the organization has become an indelible part of the fabric of every-day Israeli society. Yad Sarah is also recognized widely as a model for a humane and cost-effective approach to caring for the ill and injured at home.

With 800,000 people helped every year by 7,000 volunteers in 126+ branches, it’s no wonder that a Dahaf Institute survey concluded that “…every second family in Israel has been helped by one of Yad Sarah’s services…”

  • A child who broke her foot borrows crutches
  • An elderly woman is visited at home by volunteer musicians who play for her enjoyment
  • A man in a wheelchair is driven by a volunteer driver to visit his family in a wheelchair-accessible van
  • A terror attack survivor finds relief by sharing her experience in a weekly group meeting guided by a Yad Sarah social worker
  • A 5-year old boy with cerebral palsy is finally able to walk with the help of a special walker provided by Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah’s health and home care services bring help and hope to people of all ages, enabling them to lead fuller, richer and more independent lives.

Facts and Figures

Yad Sarah’s Services Change Lives – the Numbers Speak for Themselves!

800,000 people in Israel are helped by Yad Sarah every year!

7000+ volunteers in 126+ branches and regional centers provide 555,900+ medical equipment loans, 20,000+ emergency alarm subscriptions, and much more.

Medical Equipment Loans

  • 555,900+ loans of medical/rehab equipment in the past year to people in need
  • 23,131 home hospital units borrowed
  • 5,800 equipment deliveries to homes

Health Care

  • 9,600 treatments through mobile clinics, and portable kits at our Geriatric Dental Clinics
  • 31,779 visits to Day Rehabilitation Centers in 5 locations
  • 7,860 visits to the Frenkel Emergency Medical Center

Home Care

  • 55,000 visits from volunteers to the homebound, coordinated by 21 branches
  • 69,909 calls to people who are isolated

And So Much More…

  • Yad Riva Legal Services for the elderly
  • Golden Agers Club and the Sewing Circle
  • Fitness Center for people with special needs
  • The Family Center, a unique family violence intervention program
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