As one of the top charities for Israel, Yad Sarah provides a wide array of compassionate health and home care services for people of all ages, with special programs directed at support for older adults and for children and adults with disabilities. When you sign up today, you’ll receive impact stories, updates and information about our life-changing programs, and learn about how you can help. 

Nearly 45 years after our founding, Yad Sarah now has 100+ branches throughout Israel staffed by more than 7,000 volunteers. Countless times a day, our team responds with emergency services and other vital care. We provide:

  • Free Elderly care in Israel for the country’s aging population. 
  • Senior care in Israel, including meeting the needs of seniors who live alone. 
  • Family care and services including a Play Center for children with special needs.
  • Care for children in Israel, for they are the country’s future. 
  • Tours of Jerusalem so more people can experience the country and our people. 

Join our proud community of Friends of Yad Sarah by signing up today to learn more about how you can help the people of Israel. Sign up today.


Yad Sarah is a one of the leading Jewish charities for Israel for not-for-profit health and human services organization in Israel. One out of every two families in Israel has been helped by Yad Sarah. We serve elders, families and children by providing medical equipment, health care, home care, and other vital services, so they can live freer, happier, and more independent lives.

People turn to Yad Sarah for a wide range of critical programs and services. Thanks to the Friends of Yad Sarah who support our vital mission, we respond urgently with compassionate care to meet the needs of those we serve, including: 

  • Free elderly care in Israel. Some of our clients are Holocaust survivors. We honor their memories and support them as they age. 
  • Family support in Israel. We have a therapeutic program to treat and prevent domestic violence. 
  • Jerusalem tours. We believe everyone should have the chance to visit Israel, so we provide equipment and resources for tourists with special medical needs. 
  • Family care and services. Family is at the center of everything we do. 

Help care for Israel. Be a Friend of Yad Sarah. Sign up today.

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