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Friends of Yad Sarah Executive Director Adele Goldberg's Letter of Gratitude


Hakarat ha'tov … I want to take a moment to recognize "the good" that the Friends of Yad Sarah community helped make possible every day of the year for the people of Israel.

They've opened their hearts, and their compassion was felt in so many lives. Their generosity puts volunteers and staff on the frontlines, not only providing crucial, lifesaving care, but also the love that has helped sustain so many people during a period of unprecedented challenge.

I hear so often what the support of Friends of Yad Sarah means. And I hope every one of our supporters knows that they're making a real difference.

When a distressed man called a Yad Sarah branch very late one night trying to find an oxygen generator for his father, who was battling cancer and COVID-19 and had just depleted his oxygen supply — their support made sure his call was answered.

This wasn't like a request for a walker or wheelchair — it couldn't wait until the next morning when the branch would re-open. Our volunteer (who was in her pajamas) got dressed, went back to the branch, got the generator, and delivered it immediately.

When new parents needed items for their babies, volunteers at one of Yad Sarah's Tiberias branch helped them right away by providing cribs, breastmilk pumps, and car seats. It is only because of our supporters that our volunteers are able to be there for families like this all across Israel.

I could go on and on. It is a great privilege of mine to be able to represent the exceptional work of our volunteers and professional staff who do amazing things for people in need. And what I want everyone to know more than anything is that their kindness, compassion, and generosity are bringing real help and hope to the people of Israel.

I am so grateful for everyone's support.


Adele Goldberg
Executive Director
Friends of Yad Sarah

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