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Moshe Teichler- Ra'anana


Moshe Teichler, manager of the Yad Sarah branches in Ra'anana and Kedumim, is used to getting requests for help.

Recently, a man called Moshe for help caring for his bedridden wife. The special lift that usually helps move her from her bed had gotten stuck. Moshe rushed to the nearest Yad Sarah branch that had lifts available, brought the device to the client's home and made sure the woman could be moved comfortably.

That call was just one of the countless queries that Moshe, 45, a married father of seven living in Kedumim, receives throughout the day and night in his dual role.

As a central logistics center for Yad Sarah, the Ra'anana branch is particularly busy and includes a rehabilitation program, where volunteers and professional staff provide services such as physiotherapy and art therapy. Each week, the branch's rehab program is open four times and serves about 35 people. Moshe also oversees Ra'anana's equipment repair department, staffed by a diverse group of volunteers, including with autism.

Teichler enjoys working with all the people he meets through Yad Sarah, including the volunteers, who, he says, "turn the world upside down" to fulfill all requests no matter how difficult and complicated.

"There is no such thing as 'no.' We do the maximum to help each person who turns to us with a request, no matter how unusual it is," he explains.

For example, Yad Sarah will often provide important equipment to clients within hours of the initial request. Moshe recalls a man calling about his father who was being released from hospital that day and needed a special hospital bed in order to return home. Moshe arranged to have the hospital bed, together with an oxygen tank and all other supplies needed for home hospitalization, delivered in time for the patient's return home.

Moshe also recounts a moving story about a very sick baby born in Kedumim 11 years ago. The staff at the hospital where the baby was born encouraged his parents to place him in an institution, but the family refused. Yad Sarah provided the family with all the necessary equipment to care for their child at home. He was able to live with his parents for 11 years, before passing away just a few months ago. Tragedy struck again when the boy's father was diagnosed with cancer, but Moshe helped ensure the father had a complete hospital setting at home including a wheelchair, walker, and bed, enabling him to spend as much time as possible with his sick son. Miraculously, the father has recovered.

For Teichler, stories like these remind him of why he is so dedicated to Yad Sarah. He loves being part of an organization that provides unconditional help to all. "Yad Sarah helps me to help others," he says.

The services Yad Sarah and our volunteers across Israel provide wouldn't be possible were it not for Friends of Yad Sarah like you.

Because of your compassionate support, Yad Sarah goes above and beyond to ensure the people of Israel live the full lives they deserve and receive care and treatment in the safety and comfort of their own home. And we are all deeply grateful.

Today, we're hoping you will go above and beyond too by taking your support to the next level and make a gift today.

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