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Branch Manager Spotlight: Bnei Brak’s Yehiel Zinger

20211228 Yad Sarah Bnei Brak Branch Manager - Yehiel Zinger

During the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, Bnei Brak residents were especially thankful for the dedication shown by Yehiel Zinger, manager of the city's branch of Yad Sarah.

Each Friday during the pandemic, Bnei Brak charities would report the number of oxygen generators they had in stock, so that people would know where to come on Shabbat, in the event of an emergency. Yad Sarah was always able to supply oxygen generators on Shabbat.

"Thanks to Rav Uri's ingenuity, there was no shortage of equipment, even during the Corona period. We provided an oxygen generator to anyone who needed one, even if it meant getting up in the middle of the night," recalls Yehiel.

Yehiel, a married father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, is used to giving selflessly. A retired senior official in the property tax department of the Bnei Brak municipality, he met Zion Yativ, manager of Ichilov Hospital's Yad Sarah branch, at a Torah study class. Zion suggested that Yehiel volunteer at the Bnei Brak branch and introduced him to Moshe Cohen, Yad Sarah's CEO. Immediately, Yehiel took on the responsibility of running the Bnei Brak branch.

As a member of the community himself, Yehiel understands the needs of those who come to the branch. For example, he says that Bnei Brak's residents, many of whom are haredi, are familiar with the concept of home hospitalization, so there is a high demand for medical equipment that can be used easily at home.

To meet the needs, Yehiel depends on the dedicated volunteers at his branch. In his usual, humble manner he says: "The credit is all theirs, not mine." 

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