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To live and walk in Jerusalem


Rabbi and Mrs. H. moved to Israel 23 years ago, retiring from their careers as a Rabbi and Jewish community professional, respectively. They moved to the Talbieh neighborhood and took a year to be tourists—to "live and walk in Jerusalem." Rabbi H began teaching and giving lectures in the local synagogue. Then, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Rabbi H. knew something was wrong, but could only say, "I'm not myself, I'm not me."

In Mrs. H.'s words, "My husband's students helped him prepare his lectures, and family members walked him to and from shul. But it got worse. We tried a Melabev (social day care) but it didn't work for him. It was getting harder for him to walk… he needed a lot of help."

Shani Rosenfeld, Director of Yad Sarah's Exhibition and Guidance Centers, guided Mrs. H through borrowing wheelchairs, shower chairs, and hospital beds. She also helped the family purchase a wheelchair through the Ministry of Health at a reduced rate, and arranged for Yad Sarah to load a bed left until the Ministry of Health could supply it.

"I got equipment big and small at Yad Sarah, including adaptive equipment that you couldn't find anywhere else," said Mrs. H. "Everyone we dealt with was wonderful…. Now I send all my friends to Shani!"

She also remembers a memorable trip to the Israel Museum with the whole family, as well concerts they were able to attend, thanks to Yad Sarah's transportation service. On one trip, the volunteer driver was the office manager of the cardiologist we went to – this was her volunteer service.

Rabbi H. passed away last July. He was 87 years old. Mrs. H turned 80 last month and thanks to Yad Sarah, remembers her husband's last years with warm memories. 

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