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The Story of a Lifetime


Fadily recalls watching her father, an alternative medicine practitioner, treat crying children's sore throats and stomachaches with gentle massages and herbal remedies. Her parents had emigrated from Jabel-al Druze in Syria to Haifa in search of better career opportunities. They settled in Daliat el Karmel, where Fadily was born. In addition to following in her father's footsteps, Fadily eventually became a "falach," a land worker, who built traditional Druze baking ovens, installing them directly in people's homes.

She created these ovens by hand using straw and mud and would place stones in the bottom for the dough to go on. In these ovens, a variety of food was cooked, including different types of breads, dishes with chicken, and spices and vegetables cooked for a long time which were served as a Tabun.

Fadily loved her work and was proud of it. It strengthened not only her financial status but also her social status since she was a foreigner in Daliat el carmel. As a result, she was able to help others build stoves as a gesture of grace.

Family has always been important to Fadily, and she has built a very close and united one. She married a land worker from Daliat el carmel and had children with him. Fadily helped her husband improve himself and his status, eventually enabling him to enter the building business. Her children have now grown into successful adults, and her family continues to grow as she currently has over five grandchildren.

When Yad Sarah approached 88-year-old Fadily and asked her to tell her story for their life documentation project, she initially demurred, thinking it was nothing remarkable. But once she started talking, she spoke for a total of twelve hours. Now, seeing her detailed story in a bound book, complete with pictures, Fadily and her children can't help being proud. "I feel a great deal of satisfaction, now I know my stories are out there for anyone to read and know about."

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