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Yad Sarah Play Center Open to All

190730blog Children at play at Yad Sarah House

Rabbi Shimon, a highly motivated and brilliant Yeshiva rebbi, brings his students from Jerusalem's oldest, most religious and most insular neighborhood, Meah Shearim, to the Yad Sarah Play Center to help develop healthy and normal gross motor and social skills.

He'd heard about Yad Sarah from a family member who borrowed a wheelchair after breaking her leg, and knew they offered other services too. Coming into the Play Center, the Rabbi was introduced to the team of highly qualified professionals who help children in Israel everyday with social and developmental delays.

Together, Rabbi Shimon and the Play Center staff took the group of five-year old students on a tour of the crafts and arts room and the gym equipment, teaching them a variety of physical routines help them move and exercise while at school.

When the group came again six months later, the change was remarkable.

"Now that you have given me the tools to help these children," Rabbi Shimon said, "I will make it my mission that any child under my care will receive this help. God bless you."

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