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Hear from Our Heroic Branch Managers and Volunteers


During Operation Guardian of the Walls, Yad Sarah branches remained busy serving their communities, despite the ongoing threat of rocket fire. As always, our brave volunteers and branch managers carried on, offering services to anyone in need. A few of our Yad Sarah community members shared their stories.

Golan LaMenaze'ach, Regional Director, Southern Region

"Our volunteers showed the utmost dedication, making sure we had no shortages of supplies for those who needed help. I noticed that there was an increased demand for walkers, as people who didn't normally use walkers were borrowing them to assist them move quickly when rocket alarms sounded."

Avi Peretz, Ashkelon Branch Manager

"When alarms sounded and rockets rained down, people came to borrow first aid equipment of all kinds. We stayed open every day except for two particularly difficult days, in which residents had to stay in a shelter at all times. Our branch was used by many families who didn't have a shelter of their own at home and our amazing volunteers even purchased toys for the children of the families who were staying inside our branch shelter."

Mrs. Esther Levy, Assuta Hospital, Ashdod

"We had to travel by taxi to the branch at Assuta Medical Center, for fear of traveling on public transportation or by walking during the alarms. On one of the first days of the recent rocket fire, I arrived to the branch along with other volunteers, when suddenly an alarm suddenly sounded, and we had nowhere to run or escape; all we could do was lie on the floor and wait for a miracle. Despite this experience, we were determined to come in to the branch each day during the rocket fire and provide our services to the community.

In the coming days, we hosted three families in my home who did not have protected spaces in their own houses. Many other volunteers with shelters shared their homes with other families in the community to keep them safe."

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