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Yad Sarah Hospitality Center supports families facing tough times

yad-sarah-blog-2021073_20210803-170856_1 A photo of Yam and his father, happy and fully recovered.

Yam Ben-Yaish, an Israeli citizen living in Panama, received an urgent call from his family in Israel. His father had been diagnosed with a serious tumor—Yam dropped everything and immediately headed home to Israel to be there for his dad.

When he arrived, Yam soon found out that his father would require extended hospitalization at Shaare Zedek Medical Center. The short trip home had turned into a journey with many weeks ahead, but Yam had nowhere near the medical center that he could stay due to the pandemic. Hotels had shut down due to COVID-19 regulations and options were thin.

One of Yam's friends helped connect him to Yad Sarah's Hospitality Center, which offers accessible housing accommodations for families of patients receiving care at Shaare Zedek. Yam was amazed to find a welcoming space that went beyond his expectations and offered him great reassurance in such a stressful time. He was invited allowed to stay at Yad Sarah's guest house for over a month and a half, where he could be near to the hospital and aid his father's recovery. Today, Yam's father is healthy and thanks to Yad Sarah, Yam was able to be there every step of the way.

The Hospitality Center began with the goal of giving those who are Shabbat observant a place to stay so they could comfortably spend time with patients at Shaare Zedek. Its purpose has grown, as the guest rooms make it accessible for people like Yam to care for their loved ones throughout difficult long hospital stays in the best way possible. Family members abroad often take on a significant financial burden in trying to find affordable travel and housing for an extended stay in Israel—in addition to facing the stress of a sick loved one. The Hospitality Center's 25 guest rooms help to alleviate these burdens and ensure that hospitalized patients get the support they need to recover.

From our home hospital equipment lending program to our Loneliness Relief Center, countless aspects of Yad Sarah's work demonstrate that patient health and quality of life drastically increases when they're given comfort and connection with loved ones and caregivers. Yad Sarah's Hospitality Center project is a proud addition to Yad Sarah's mission to offer robust caregiver support services to assist clients and their families.
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