Pack of 10 cards, 7" x 5", card stock. White envelopes included.

Jerusalem artist David Yohanan has created this impressive representation of the Seven Species, the fruits and grains named in the Torah as the bounty of the Land of Israel.

"It is a land of wheat, a land of barley, of grape, of fig, of pomegranate, it is a land overflowing with olive oil and honey." This translation is printed on the inside front cover of each card.

About the Artist:

David Yohanan was born in Tiberias. He studied at the Bezalel School of Art while also pursuing Judaic studies at a yeshiva and achieved mastery as a Scribe. His dual talents are evidenced in his remarkable combinations of writing and decorations drawn in oil, charcoal, aquatint, acrylic and watercolors. His painting techniques include illuminations, micro-calligraphy, paper cuts and stained glass.

Inside text:

Best wishes for a happy New Year.


Alternative shipping methods are available for this item. Please call the Friends of Yad Sarah office for more information: 212-223-7758 or 866-YAD-SARAH.

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