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A mother’s message of gratitude to you


Yad Sarah received this letter a year after Blossom's daughter, Sharon, passed away.

Dear Friends at Yad Sarah,

It is almost a year since we lost our dear daughter, but the pain hasn't lessened our gratitude for all the wonderful people at Yad Sarah and how much you helped us.

My beautiful Sharon suffered from breast cancer for 7 long years, but she refused to let that get her down or stop her from living her life, a life dedicated to her family and good deeds.

And Yad Sarah helped her do just that. If she wanted to go on a hike with her husband, Yad Sarah loaned her crutches. If she wanted to travel to see her children, she was given a wheelchair.

Yad Sarah was always there for us. I remember how touched I was to find out that the whole community at Yad Sarah was praying for her recovery, a comfort to me and my husband—and our entire family.

I cannot imagine Sharon's last days without Yad Sarah's help. One of her final wishes was to leave the hospital and be taken care of at home. Yad Sarah made that possible by giving us all the special equipment she needed. It made such a difference for Sharon to be in a comfortable, safe place surrounded by those she loved. She could still be involved in the daily life of her family and forget about her troubles now and then. She was even able to share in the "simcha" of her son's bar mitzvah just a few weeks before we lost her. What a blessing for her, and especially her son.

I feel it is the most difficult thing in the world for a mother to watch her child suffer, but Yad Sarah made it a bit easier for me. You have meant the world to us and I am eternally grateful for Yad Sarah.


Blossom Rubin

This moving letter that we received from Blossom serves as a reminder of the deep sense of fulfillment we feel when we can help people like Sharon, as well as her mother and family, through Yad Sarah's services.

Watching your child endure a health crisis is one of the most painful experiences a parent can undergo. With the care we provide at Yad Sarah, we aim to help to women through these experiences at any stage of their motherhood journey. At the Frenkel Emergency Center, we see 20 pregnant women every evening who fear for the health of the precious lives growing inside them. With diagnostic equipment like an ultrasound machine, we can quickly and accurately allay a mother's concerns or identify emergency life-threatening issues such as ectopic pregnancy or fetal distress. We know that this vital equipment will help to protect and save lives, enabling Israel's tiniest and newest citizens to begin with a healthy start in life.

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