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Filling a Gap in the Healing Journey


What do you do if you're ready to leave the hospital, but not yet strong enough to do rehab?

You need a middle step: recuperation.

And that's exactly what Yad Sarah's new Health and Wellness Center aims to provide.

The center's 220 rooms are all accessible and equipped with lift chairs. The 15-story building features wide corridors and dining rooms on each floor. Room keys are silicon bracelets that also act as emergency call devices if a guest falls and needs assistance. While patients stay in the center, they can recover using the variety of available amenities, including:

Treatments such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and personalized nutrition plans.

Fitness Room with specialized exercise equipment like training stairs to practice climbing up and down for recovering knee-replacement surgery patients.

Spa with a Turkish bath and wet sauna, which is beneficial for patients undergoing respiratory rehabilitation.

Music Room for music therapy, memory practice, and relaxation.

Synagogue for spiritual connection.

Business Amenities for those interested in continuing their office work, and even convening meetings during their rehabilitation.

Pool including a special handrail that enables individuals with disabilities to slide into the water from their wheelchairs.

Medical Equipment Lending Center in the building itself so guests don't have to visit a separate Yad Sarah branch.

Patients likely to get the most out of the center would be those recovering from surgery, strokes, heart attacks, car accidents, and other serious episodes.

The Center facilitates the transition from hospital to home through recuperation and early rehabilitation, with a goal to increase independence and revitalize lives.

The cost of a stay at Yad Sarah's new Health and Wellness Center is covered by public health funds combined with private pay or donations. As with all Yad Sarah services, the costs are kept low and options are provided for those who cannot afford to pay.

If this all sounds so good you wish you could stay even if you're happy and healthy, you can! The center is also open to people who would simply fall into the category of "guest."

Yad Sarah's Health and Wellness Center is a new jewel in Yad Sarah's crown of services bringing help and hope to all people of Israel and its visitors.

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