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Friends of Yad Sarah Blog

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Gift Annuity Donor Judy Shapiro on Giving to Yad Sarah

yad-sarah-judy-shapiro-donor Judy Shapiro is a proud Charitable Gift Annuity donor with Yad Sarah.

Judy Shapiro is a proud Charitable Gift Annuity donor with Yad Sarah. "My gift annuity helps Yad Sarah, and at the same time, I'm receiving lifetime income. To have a retirement plan, while giving to people in need… I can't think of a better situation."

Judy believes it is important to help Yad Sarah because it offers an opportunity for people of all ages to participate in helping others. "I've spent a lot of my adult life volunteering for different organizations, and I can tell you, Yad Sarah is the one that connects you to more people and makes you more of a member of the human family. It is vitally important for every person to know about, in order to live in a better world today."

Judy first heard about Yad Sarah more than 20 years ago, when a friend took her to tour Yad Sarah's headquarters in Israel. She saw the Emergency Alarm response unit, a room full of young women in front of computer screens, monitoring calls from elderly people with emergency wrist devices. "They'd request help through the device, and immediately their information came up on the computer, and help could be sent right away!" At the time, the system was unique, and Judy was overwhelmed by the lifeline these volunteers were providing for so many people.

Judy and her friends were so inspired by Yad Sarah that when they returned to America—Judy to Brooklyn, her friends to Connecticut—they started letting people know about its work. Now, Judy marvels at how far Yad Sarah has come.

"Today people in the U.S. say, 'Yes, I know about Yad Sarah'—that didn't use to happen before."

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