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Yad Sarah's Pandemic Work

91616371_2956589107696525_6291890328567808000_o Yad Sarah's Pandemic Work

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced Yad Sarah to reinvent the ways in which it delivers critical and dignified services to individuals in need. The pandemic has prevented many of our clients from being able to leave their homes to retrieve equipment from our branches. Many clients were unable to even send a family member on their behalf, fearing that their loved one could transmit the virus once back in the house. Despite these challenges, our team has grown accustomed to developing innovative ways to deliver services on the fly - and the pandemic proved no differently. 

A young mother in Beit Shemesh recently called Yad Sarah in search of a crib for her newborn. A member of her household had tested positive for the virus and she knew that, without Yad Sarah, there would be no other way to obtain a crib for her baby. Yad Sarah's volunteers quickly acted, finding a crib and safely delivering it to the mother. Because of Yad Sarah, her baby can sleep safely and soundly at night.

Yad Sarah's team acted with equal haste to help a man in his late-sixties. Struck with a respiratory condition that rendered him particularly vulnerable to the virus, the man saw no feasible way to safely access a new nebulizer he needed for his breathing therapy. Yad Sarah volunteers located a nebulizer at a nearby branch and brought it to his home. Because of Yad Sarah, he could access the treatment he needed to breathe properly without having to place his health in jeopardy.

These are just a couple snapshots of the many instances in which Yad Sarah helped improve the lives of those experiencing quarantine in Israel. While COVID-19 upended our everyday lives, many people's needs for medical services and equipment remained constant - and Yad Sarah stepped in to help bridge the gap. 

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