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Yad Sarah's Family Center expands domestic violence treatment services to Israel's southern region

Yad Sarah's Family Center expands domestic violence treatment services to Israel's southern region

Yad Sarah announced the opening of a Family Center in the western Negev to treat victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. It is the second location for the program, which has been widely recognized for its success in addressing the complexities and sensitivities of domestic violence.

“We work very closely with community leadership to address this issue in all of its complexities,” said Dr. Shlomit Lehman, who directs the Center. “There is a huge need for these services, which is why we were asked to open another center to serve people in the south, many of whom also suffer from the trauma and disruptions of the ongoing Gaza conflict.”

The organization’s Family Center in Jerusalem, which operates out of the Yad Sarah House, has been successful in empowering women, men and children to cope with abuse and heal from the trauma and pain of domestic abuse.

The new location will open thanks to a generous grant from the Rosenbojm Komor Foundation, with additional support provided by municipal governments in Israel.

“After seeing the good work of Yad Sarah’s Jerusalem program, we knew we wanted to be a part of bringing these services to other parts of Israel,” said Paul Komor, trusteeof the foundation. “Giving victims of domestic violence a place to turn for help makes society as a whole stronger.”

The Center serves everyone—Jews and Arabs, from the most religious to the most secular—drawing on a team uniquely qualified to assist former victims overcome the challenges of recovering from domestic abuse.

The new Center will open with two part-time social workers, who will be based in Beersheba but will also travel to outlying communities throughout the Negev. Treatment options currently include group and individual therapy, but will expand over time to offer couples therapy, art therapy, conferences and school outreach programs, as at the Jerusalem center.

Yad Sarah opened its first Family Center in 2000, as part of its mission to bring help and hope to the people of Israel. The organization is well-known for its medical equipment loans, but also provides elder care support services, home care, day rehabilitation, health education, travel options for tourists with special needs, programs for people with special needs, and much more, all at little or no cost.

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