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Wheel It Forward – A New Kind of Library Launches in Greenwich and Greater Fairfield County


"Mom would be so happy to know that someone else can use this stuff," words of gratitude Elliot Sloyer, the founder and CEO of Wheel It Forward, is still not quite used to hearing. After a recent trip to Yad Sarah in Israel and seeing their extensive network of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provided at no cost to the community, Elliot was inspired to investigate a similar need for accessibility in the United States. What he discovered motivated him to launch Wheel It Forward in October of 2020. A new kind of library, Wheel it Forward is a "Lending Library" for DME that makes it easy for folks in Fairfield and Westchester counties to donate or borrow the equipment they need to make their lives more accessible.

Because there is no one brand associated with this type of service, when people have a need to borrow or share DME, they are unsure about where to start their search. The Wheel It Forward team is creating templates for all of their procedures and sharing them with other groups looking to build a DME library in their home community. 

"Our team's goal is to accomplish three important things with one new idea" Sloyer explains.

  1. Meaningfully improve people's quality of life.
  2. Measurably save money for individuals and society. Out of pocket costs for this type of DME is proportionally four times higher than that of prescription drugs.
  3. Help save the planet! Borrowing and donating DME means less mining, manufacturing, packing, and shipping of this type of equipment. 

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, or would like to borrow or donate DME, please call 203-652-8600 or visit us at
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