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Meet Givat Shmuel Branch Manager Shoshi Herman

Shoshi Herman

We established the Givat Shmuel branch in my backyard 17 years ago, and the volunteers are mostly members of my family and young women who live in the city. I see the creation of this branch as very important, and it is part of the education I am giving to my four children. During coronavirus, and particularly during the quarantine around Pesach, many branches were unable to give full service. However, our branch was able to help many people because it is small and based at home.

Most of the devices we supply are medical devices. As a professor of immunology at Bar Ilan University, I find that this adds a key component to my other work. In research, sometimes you hit a dead end and the road to helping others is long. Here, the help is immediate and very satisfying to give.

Naturally, there are also moments of joy, like the time a woman in my branch who had given birth to twins needed a breast pump urgently. By chance, I discovered she was a student of mine. It was very emotional for me to see her in a different light, as a young mother.

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