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Meet Chops Levy, Mevaseret Zion Branch Volunteer

ChopsLevy Mevaseret Zion Branch Manager Chops Levy

I was born in Johannesburg to a Zionist family. My mother, who was a Holocaust survivor, volunteered at Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) for many years. After the Six Day War, I came to Israel to volunteer with the IDF and in 1969, I finally decided to make Aliyah. I lived in Jerusalem and over time, I decided to continue my mother's tradition of volunteering.

I discovered that there was a search for a manager for the Mevaseret Zion branch, and I filled that role for 18 years. Now, I am a volunteer, working for the incredible Chaim Roth, whose family started the branch 40 years ago in their house! Now, we are in the Harel Mall, which offered us a free space.

We are in constant contact with the Ministry of Welfare and assist them considerably, like through Yad Riva, which is a center for legal information and assistance given to the elderly.

I remember one incident in which a person was on his death bed at a hospital and wished to go home with several oxygen tanks, so he could die at home. We opened the branch especially for him, so that he could spend his last Shabbat together with his family. Even though this is a sad story, helping fulfill a person's final wishes was a uniquely meaningful mission for me and our volunteers.

Yad Sarah is a part of my life. It has helped me to understand the importance of human contact. There are many volunteers who started out with me and are still volunteering. Volunteering at Yad Sarah has exposed me to a new world that allows smiles and joy to enter my life.

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