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Yad Sarah Ashdod Brings Light Back to Woman’s Eyes

IMG-2136 The Ashdod volunteers who make a difference in so many lives.
Bertha Moskovitz, born in Ukraine, made Aliyah to Israel in 1973 with her husband and daughter Marina, looking to start a new life. Settling in her new home, Bertha took a job working at "Agan Chemicals" in Ashdod.

In 2012, when Bertha turned 75, her husband died suddenly from a heart attack, sending Bertha into deep depression. Marina grew concerned about her mother's well-being. So she turned to Yad Sarah Ashdod, just down the street from Bertha's apartment, for help.

When a Yad Sarah volunteer named Ida heard about Bertha's condition, she told her about the range of home and community services that Yad Sarah offers to help elderly and/or grieving people.

Within a week, Ida arranged for Bertha to meet with Dr. Ella Rosenberg, another volunteer who had recently lost her husband and also speaks Russian. At least once a week, Dr. Rosenberg and Bertha got together to talk, attend lectures, and spend quality time together.

The transformation was remarkable. When Bertha first came to Yad Sarah, she wore her depression and heartache. After a few visits with Dr. Rosenberg, her demeanor changed. She started wearing make-up again, and for the first time in a while, she began to smile and laugh.

"It is so moving to see the love of life come back to my mother's eyes," Marina said. 

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