Israel needs Yad Sarah's help

With Israel under attack, people are relying on Yad Sarah more than ever.

With your help, we can be ready for the challenging days ahead, and every person in Israel will have somewhere to turn in a crisis.

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24 hours a day—especially now

Yad Sarah's Emergency Alarm Center has relocated to a shelter.

When the siren goes off in Jerusalem, the volunteers in the call center never have to abandon their posts. They stay on the phone 24 hours a day, helping Israel's isolated elderly stay safe and calm.

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Support services in the South

Yad Sarah transferred a bulk load of wheelchairs and oxygen to the South, where people need wheelchairs to quickly move the elderly to shelters, and oxygen for those struggling to breathe in a panic.

Yad Sarah's volunteers are also arranging help for the elderly with their neighbors and driving people with disabilities to safety in wheelchair-accessible vans.

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Yad Sarah: Where wheelchairs come from

Every 15 minutes, someone borrows a wheelchair from Yad Sarah.

People in Israel rely on Yad Sarah for safe, durable medical equipment, available for loan in 105 branches across the country.

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See our goals for 5774 (2014). Wheelchairs, the most-requested item at Yad Sarah, top the wish list again this year. Yad Sarah estimates that 1,500 new wheelchairs are needed to meet the current demand.

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The story of Yad Sarah
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