Yad Sarah's busiest season is here

With Passover approaching, requests are coming in from all over Israel—for wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, and transportation for people with disabilities.

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Yad Riva is coming to town

Mickey Schindler, Director of Yad Riva Legal Services at Yad Sarah, is speaking at upcoming events in Chicago and Minneapolis in June.

Yad Riva's volunteer lawyers and social workers bring free assistance, information, advocacy, and legal representation to Israel's vulnerable elderly.

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Specialized dental care for the elderly

Yad Sarah's Geriatric Dental Clinic is like nowhere else — offering Israel's elderly the specialized care they need from volunteer dentists.

The dental clinic also provides free care for Holocaust survivors, house calls for people who are homebound, and training for dentists who want to focus on an elderly clientele.

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Yad Sarah...where wheelchairs come from!

Every 15 minutes, someone borrows a wheelchair from Yad Sarah!

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See our goals for 5774 (2014). Wheelchairs, the most-requested item at Yad Sarah, top the wish list again this year. Yad Sarah estimates that 1,500 new wheelchairs are needed to meet the current demand.

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The story of Yad Sarah
For more videos about Yad Sarah's programs and services, go to the Yad Sarah channel on YouTube.

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